Feng Shui Import Three Gods – Fuk Luk Sau

Feng Shui Import Three Gods – Fuk Luk Sau

Feng Shui Import Three Gods – Fuk Luk Sau


This beautiful colorful set of three gods is very good for family since they can bring harmony, wealth, and good health. Three gods are also known as three wise men. The names for them are FuK LuK Shou. Fuk means harmony family. Luk, sitting in the middle, stands for power. He is the god of high rank and affluence. Sau, a domed head and carrying a peach and walking stick, is the god of longevity.

How to Place Fuk Luk Sau

Fu Lu Sau should be placed side by side in one row – Fuk is on your left side, Luk is in the center, and Shou is on your right side when you look at them. They can be displayed on the table in your living room or dining area facing inside (not directly facing the main door if facing outside). The level of the table can’t be too low. In addition, the Fuk Luk Sau position can’t be under the beam or facing the toilet.

Product Details

  • Three gods in one set
  • Each god is approximately 7″ in height
  • Made of polyresin
  • Price is for 3 pieces

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of Fuk Luk Sau?

Fuk Luk Sau, also known as the three wise men, symbolize harmony, power, and longevity. Placing them in your home is believed to bring positive energy and blessings to your family.

2. Can I place Fuk Luk Sau in any room?

While Fuk Luk Sau can be placed in any room, it is recommended to display them in the living room or dining area, facing inside. Avoid placing them directly facing the main door if it faces outside.

3. Are these gods made of durable material?

Yes, these gods are made of polyresin, which is a durable material that can withstand everyday handling and display.

4. Can I separate the gods and place them in different areas?

It is best to keep the three gods together as they represent a harmonious trio. Placing them side by side in one row enhances their positive energy and symbolism.

Bring harmony, wealth, and good health to your family with this beautiful set of three gods – Fuk Luk Sau. Order now and experience the positive energy they bring to your home.

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