GARDENA Hand-Held Spreader M 431-20

GARDENA Hand-Held Spreader M 431-20

GARDENA Hand-Held Spreader M 431-20

Gardena hand held spreader m offers a simple and fast delivery of a wide variety of spreading materials year-round. This versatile tool can be used to quickly and easily deliver solid fertilizers, fertilizers granulate, lawn seeds, and salt. The open and closing mechanism is operated with a thumb pushbutton, allowing the spreader to be used just where your lawn needs the spreading material.

Ergonomic Settings for Even Quantity Distribution

The hand-held spreader’s contents are evenly distributed via the freely rotating disc and the intuitive crank mechanism. Four levels can be set on the handle, allowing the quantity to be set as desired, depending on the type of material to be spread.

Technical Data:

  • Range: 1-4m depending on the crank speed and type of spreading material
  • Capacity: 1.8l
  • Recommended lawn area: up to around 100m²
  • Even distribution via: freely rotating disc
  • Filling volume: fertiliser – approx. 1.65kg, salt – approx. 2.0kg, seeds – approx. 1.0kg

Gardena – Trusted for Over 45 Years

For more than 45 years, garden owners have trusted the original Gardena lawn care products. The Hand-Held Spreader M 431-20 is another reliable addition to their range. It can be used throughout the year, effortlessly spreading fertilizers or seeds in warm seasons, and rapidly spreading salt in winter. Made from break-proof and corrosion-resistant plastic, it is durable and built to last.

Quick and Easy to Use

Thanks to its intuitive crank mechanism and ergonomic handle, the Hand-Held Spreader M 431-20 is quick and easy to use. The handle features a 4-stage ergonomic flow adjustment, allowing you to control the quantity of spreading material. The open/close mechanism is operated with a function key, ensuring convenient operation.


  • Fertilizer: approx. 1.65kg
  • Road salt: approx. 2.0kg
  • Seeds: approx. 1.0kg

Scope of Delivery:

1x GARDENA Hand-Held Spreader M 431-20

2 years warranty

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