Pibow Coupé 4 (Raspberry Pi 4 only) Rainbow

Pibow Coupé 4 (Raspberry Pi 4 only) Rainbow

Pibow Coupé 4 (Raspberry Pi 4 only) Rainbow

Introducing the Pibow Coupé 4 case, specially designed for the Raspberry Pi 4. This case combines style and functionality, providing a vibrant and eye-catching solution for your Raspberry Pi 4.

Stylish and Functional Design

The Pibow Coupé 4 features a sleek and compact design that perfectly fits the Raspberry Pi 4. Its transparent acrylic layers are laser-cut to precision, allowing you to see the inner workings of your Raspberry Pi while providing protection from dust and accidental damage.

The case comes in a stunning rainbow color scheme, adding a touch of personality to your Raspberry Pi setup. Whether you’re using it for personal projects or showcasing it in a professional environment, the Pibow Coupé 4 is sure to impress.

Easy Assembly

Assembly of the Pibow Coupé 4 is a breeze. The case comes with all the necessary components and a step-by-step guide, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. Simply stack the acrylic layers together and secure them with the included screws. Within minutes, your Raspberry Pi 4 will be safely housed in its stylish new case.

Enhanced Cooling

The Pibow Coupé 4 is designed with ventilation in mind. It features strategically placed ventilation slots that allow for optimal airflow, keeping your Raspberry Pi 4 cool even during intensive tasks. Say goodbye to overheating issues and enjoy uninterrupted performance.

  1. Is the Pibow Coupé 4 compatible with other Raspberry Pi models?
  2. No, the Pibow Coupé 4 is designed exclusively for the Raspberry Pi 4. It may not fit other models due to differences in size and port placement.

  3. Can I access all the ports and connectors while using the Pibow Coupé 4?
  4. Yes, the case is designed to provide easy access to all the ports and connectors of the Raspberry Pi 4. You can connect your peripherals without any hassle.

  5. Does the Pibow Coupé 4 come with a fan?
  6. No, the case does not come with a fan. However, its ventilation slots ensure efficient cooling without the need for additional fans.


The Pibow Coupé 4 (Raspberry Pi 4 only) Rainbow case offers a perfect blend of style and functionality. Its vibrant rainbow colors, easy assembly, and enhanced cooling make it an ideal choice for Raspberry Pi 4 enthusiasts. Upgrade your Raspberry Pi 4 setup with the Pibow Coupé 4 and showcase your creativity in style.

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