Playmobil 70412 Pirates Redcoat Caravel

Playmobil 70412 Pirates Redcoat Caravel

Playmobil 70412 Pirates Redcoat Caravel

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Fun for little pirates

The Playmobil Redcoat Caravel is the perfect playset for little pirates. It includes a floating caravel with anchor and cannons, 2 Redcoat soldiers with a telescope, a pirate raft with a projectile, and 1 pirate figure. With so many detailed accessories, children can create their own pirate adventures.

Upgrade your caravel

The Redcoat Caravel can be upgraded with the Underwater Motor (sold separately). This motor allows the caravel to move through water, adding an extra level of excitement to playtime. Watch as your caravel sails through the bathtub or pool, ready to conquer the high seas.

Designed for young children

The Playmobil Redcoat Caravel is designed for children ages 4 and up. The pieces are age-appropriate in size, making it easy for little hands to hold and play with. The rounded edges ensure safety during playtime, giving parents peace of mind.

Easy assembly and maintenance

Parents can help their children assemble the playset using the included instructions. The high-quality and robust design of the caravel ensures durability, even during rough play. To clean the parts, simply rinse them under running water without the use of any chemical agents. Stickers are not included in the cleaning process.

Contents and dimensions
  • 1x Playmobil Redcoat Caravel
  • 87-piece playset
  • 1 sailing boat
  • 3 figures
  • 83 accessories
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: LxDxH – 40x17x30 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the caravel float in water?
  2. Yes, the caravel is designed to float in water.

  3. Can the caravel be used with other Playmobil sets?
  4. Yes, the caravel can be combined with other Playmobil sets for even more imaginative play.

  5. Is the playset suitable for younger children?
  6. The playset is recommended for children ages 4 and up due to small parts.


The Playmobil 70412 Pirates Redcoat Caravel is a thrilling playset that will ignite the imagination of young pirates. With its detailed accessories and upgrade options, children can create endless adventures on the high seas. The age-appropriate design and easy assembly make it a favorite among parents. Get ready for swashbuckling fun with Playmobil!

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