Protect 800 – 800 Metre Wireless Driveway Alarm System with 3 Lens Caps

Protect 800 – 800 Metre Wireless Driveway Alarm System with 3 Lens Caps


The Protect 800 is a state-of-the-art wireless driveway alarm system that provides reliable and convenient security for your property. With a wireless operating range of 800 meters, this system ensures that you are alerted to any movement or activity in your driveway, even from a distance. The kit includes a wireless receiver, a wireless PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor, and various accessories to enhance its functionality.

Key Features

Wireless Receiver

The wireless receiver has an adjustable volume, allowing you to set the alert sound to your preferred level. With 32 melody options, you can choose a unique sound that suits your taste. The receiver also has a battery backup feature, ensuring that it continues to function even during a power outage. It can support up to 16 detectors, making it suitable for larger properties. The receiver can be wall-mounted or placed on a desk for easy access.

Wireless PIR

The wireless PIR sensor has a detection range of up to 15 meters, which can be extended further with large objects. It is weatherproof, ensuring that it can withstand various outdoor conditions. The PIR sensor has adjustable sensitivity settings, allowing you to customize its detection capabilities. It is powered by four standard AA batteries, which can last approximately 9-12 months. The PIR sensor also has a low battery warning feature, alerting you when the batteries need to be replaced.

3 Lens Caps

The PIR sensor is supplied with three lens caps, each offering a different detection range and angle. The lens caps can be easily adjusted and removed, allowing you to customize the PIR sensor to your specific requirements. Whether you need a pencil beam, narrow beam, or wide detection range, the lens caps provide flexibility and versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the wireless range of the system?

The wireless range of the Protect 800 is 800 meters in a line of sight. However, this range may be reduced if there are obstacles such as walls or trees in the signal path.

Can I use multiple receivers with the system?

Yes, you can use multiple receivers with the Protect 800 system. There is no limit to the number of receivers that can be used.

Can I connect other devices to the system?

Yes, the system has dry relay outputs that can be used to trigger other devices such as flashing LEDs, sirens, or bells. The 12v DC output can be adjusted to activate these devices for a specific duration.


The Protect 800 – 800 Metre Wireless Driveway Alarm System with 3 Lens Caps offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for securing your driveway. With its long wireless range, adjustable settings, and multiple accessories, this system provides peace of mind and convenience. Whether you need to monitor your driveway for security purposes or simply want to be alerted to the arrival of guests, the Protect 800 is an excellent choice.

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