Tendelux Underwater Fishing Light – Product Description

Tendelux Underwater Fishing Light – Product Description

Tendelux Underwater Fishing Light

Introducing the Tendelux FG20 12V Green LED Underwater Fishing Light, the ultimate tool for avid fishermen. This submersible light attractant is designed to provide class-leading performance, versatility, and durability.

Class-leading Performance

The FG20 green fishing light is designed with a perfect balance between brightness and consumption. It provides an impressive 2300 lumens of illumination while consuming only 23 watts of power. Unlike other fishing lamps that integrate resistors, which significantly reduce power efficiency, we have used a 95% efficiency rating power transformer to maximize output.

Fishing with Efficiency

Using the Tendelux FG20 is as simple as dropping the light into your fishing spot and waiting for the magic to happen. The light attracts small phytoplankton, baitfish, and predatory fish, creating a food chain that makes it easier to catch your favorite fish. Say goodbye to long hours of waiting and hello to a successful fishing trip.

Improved in Every Aspect

We have made significant improvements in every aspect of the FG20. From better materials to premium quality accessories, this fishing light is built to last. We have also upgraded the heat transferring system, ensuring that the lamp doesn’t overheat. With 6 separated light bars, durability and performance are guaranteed.

More Versatile

The Tendelux FG20 comes with battery clamps and a cigarette lighter adapter, allowing you to power the lamp with common 12V batteries, portable power stations, or even your car. Its outstanding structure also makes it suitable as an alternative camp lamp, making it a versatile tool for outdoor enthusiasts.

What You Get

  • 1x FG20 20W Green LED Fishing Light (17ft power cord)
  • 1x 12V Battery Clamps
  • 1x Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • 1x Waterproof Carrying Bag
  • 1x User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the FG20 be used in both fresh and saltwater?

Yes, the FG20 is IP68 rated, making it suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing.

How long is the power cord?

The power cord is 17ft long, providing ample length for various fishing scenarios.

Is the FG20 backed by a warranty?

Yes, the FG20 comes with an 18-month warranty and lifetime friendly support from Tendelux.


The Tendelux FG20 12V Green LED Underwater Fishing Light is a game-changer for fishermen. With its class-leading performance, efficiency, and versatility, it is the ultimate tool for a successful fishing trip. Don’t miss out on this premium fishing light that will enhance your fishing experience.

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