Yewong Old Lady Costume Set – Grandmother WigCostume GlassesWig Caps Pearl Necklace Glass Chain Inflatable Cane Handbag (Grey)

Yewong Old Lady Costume Set – Grandmother Wig,Costume Glasses,Wig Caps, Pearl Necklace, Glass Chain, Inflatable Cane, Handbag (Grey)

Yewong Old Lady Costume Set


Transform yourself into a stylish and authentic old lady with the Yewong Old Lady Costume Set. This set includes a grandmother wig, costume glasses, wig caps, pearl necklace, glass chain, inflatable cane, and a handbag in a trendy grey color. Perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or theatrical performances.

Grandmother Wig

The Yewong Old Lady Costume Set features a high-quality grandmother wig that perfectly replicates the hairstyle of an elderly woman. Made from synthetic fibers, this wig is comfortable to wear and easy to style. It adds a touch of realism to your old lady transformation.

Costume Glasses

Complete your old lady look with the included costume glasses. These glasses feature a classic design with thick frames and clear lenses. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your character.

Wig Caps

To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, the Yewong Old Lady Costume Set includes wig caps. These caps help to hold the grandmother wig in place and prevent it from slipping or sliding during wear. They are made from stretchable material, ensuring a snug fit for most head sizes.

Pearl Necklace and Glass Chain

Add a touch of elegance to your old lady costume with the included pearl necklace and glass chain. The pearl necklace features faux pearls that resemble the real thing, while the glass chain adds a unique and eye-catching element to your overall look. These accessories are sure to impress.

Inflatable Cane

No old lady costume is complete without a cane, and the Yewong Old Lady Costume Set provides you with an inflatable cane. This cane is lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for parties or events. It adds an extra level of authenticity to your transformation.


Carry all your essentials in style with the included handbag. This handbag is designed to resemble a classic old lady purse, complete with a trendy grey color and a convenient strap for easy carrying. It adds the perfect finishing touch to your old lady ensemble.

Get ready to turn heads and impress with the Yewong Old Lady Costume Set. Order yours today and transform into a fashionable and authentic old lady for your next costume event.

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